TRANSMISSION, MAX DOPPLER's new CD is now available on line at:


    You will find it here as individually downloadable mp3 titles as well as an mp3 bundle.
    For those interested in the physical thing, you can also get the "full monthy" (CD+booklet in jewel case)


    TRANSMISSION, MAX DOPPLER's new CD has arrived.
    After what some people would call a rather long gestation, what we consider the most faithful representation of the dopplerian universe is eventually available.
    A ten track CD (plus bonus track) packaged in a jewel case with an eight pages booklet is the result of the intense work of MAX DOPPLER's members, Dewpill and Jihem and, not to be forgotten, Pierre Bianchi, "Tonmeister Extraordinaire", at Planete Nomade mobile studio.

May 2007

    Transmission engaged!!!
    On Saturday the 26th of May 2007, MAX DOPPLER will be transmtting live on stage 2 at the Festiv'AF located at a 100 km south-east from Paris, in Villeneuve la Guyard (89340) France.
    Tickets are available here for only 12 Euros.

December 2006

September 2005
April 2005
November 2004

    MAX DOPPLER's new CD under process at Planète Nomade Studio with sound engineer Pierre Bianchi.

    Thierry Arpino, ace session drummer, prefers GMS drums, Zildjian cymbals, Evans drumheads and Regal Tip drumsticks.
    The strings quartet line-up is :
      1rst violin : Anne Gravoin
      2nd violin : Richard Schmoucler
      Alto : Vincent de Bruyne
      Cello : Mathilde Sternat
    Sessions photos here.


    Concert at "Le GIBUS" club in PARIS (75012).
    Concert photos here.


    Concert at "L'Espace Blues" club in PARIS (75019).
    Concert Flyer here.


    Concert at the "Salle des Fêtes" venue in Le THILLAY (95).
    Concert photos here.


    Concert at "Le GIBUS" club in PARIS (75012).
    Concert photos here.


    Concert at the "CSC St Louis" in VERSAILLES (78000).


    Release of MAX DOPPLER's "Detection" 4 tracks first CD.